A tour of all our leather wallets. Our best sellers small, medium and large

Each wallet is made with the highest toughest grade of leather there is (full grain) and lined with tough pigskin instead of some silky fabric. All but one wallet has an RFID blocker sewn between the layers so thieves won’t steal your identity.

We’ve been designing, launching and retiring leather wallets of all sizes for 15 years. It’s called leapfrogging. We design three small front pocket wallets and watch the sales and reviews for a year or two and then launch a new one to see what happens. If the new one that launches outperforms the lowest performing wallet then we take that one out and stay with three. Then we watch for a year again. We might see the new wallet become our best seller. So, we launch a new one and watch sales and reviews and then we drop the lowest performer again and launch a new one and drop the lowest performing wallet and then launch a new one a year later and drop the lowest performer. And so it goes. Well, this line up is the result of 15 years of seeing what people like and don’t like and what they value and don’t value when it comes to wallets. We’ve had a whole lot of wallets that we launched that are incredibly popular, but not as traditional and so sales were down. We retired those and they now wander out in a pasture somewhere in Southwestern Wyoming.