Bellroy Note Sleeve vs Slim Sleeve Review and Compare [2021]

Two of the most popular mid-range wallets on the market, but are they any good? Which one is the better?

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Wallets were the first products launched by Bellroy, back in the days of old Youtube, when skinny jeans were all the rage. Their videos about de-cluttering your pockets exploded the minimalist-travel subculture, Which has, by now, grown into a mainstream movement. It’s safe to say that Bellroy know their wallets inside and out.


Get the Bellroy Slim Sleeve wallet if…

✅ You don’t need to carry much cash.
✅ Use contactless payments (no RFID protection).
✅ Want a minimalist wallet to smooth your lifestyle

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Get the Bellroy Note Sleeve if…

✅ Pay by cash
✅ Not into contactless payments (has RFID protection)
✅ Still want a minimalist wallet, but enjoy a more old-school approach.

Check the price of the Bellroy Note Sleeve wallet →


DO NOT get the Bellroy Wallets if…

❌ You’re as old-school as Tav. He ALWAYS pays by cash, and enjoys giving exact change. He keeps receipts for accounting later. He has a spare SD card in his wallet along with some Yen, Euros and SG Dollars… Just in case.
Check below for some wallets straight out of a cowboy movie👇🏼

❌ Bellroy wallets can be kind of heavy on the wallet, pun intended. they are not cheap. If you’re looking for a more budget friendly option check this out 👇🏼

❌ If you need a travel wallet which can hold an organize all of your travel stiff like, passport, boarding passes tickets etc. We have an amazing option for you down here. 👇🏼

Standard Luggage travel wallet


Bellroy creates wallets, backpacks, pouches and slings – all with a distinct design philosophy – de-clutter your life. They have also heavily pivotedd towards the eco-friendly, recycled materials movement, which is something we at Nomads Nation can get behind.



Bellroy Slim Sleeve wallet:
Material: Leather
4-8 cards
Folded cash pocket
No RFID protection
95 x 80mm

Bellroy Note Sleeve wallet:
Material: Leather and recycled nylon
RFID protected
4-11 cards
Small coin purse
backup “just in case” pocket
Notes are not folded

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