Flip Open Leather card Case Tutorial by Fischer Workshops


Description – My goal with this project and design was to come up with a really useful and great product that is luxurious, original, and fun. This item is built so strong it should last several lifetimes provided you keep away from fire and water. The D-ring loop can also be replaced should it need to be over time and the magnetic lock keeps it securely closed and easy to access. The biggest challenge to making this project is assuring you have the right tools. Such as the drill press I use in the video. There isn’t a chisel made to punch through that much leather. You might be able to use a stitching awl to pierce the leather, but the hole will not be evenly space on the opposite side. My dremel, workstation, and flex shaft cost me about $150 all together. I’m sure there are also other alternatives to produce the same results with other tools, but I’m personally very happy with the performance of the workstation I use in the video. To do this project with the amount of detail that I use in this video will take you a full day to complete. (About 6-8 hours).

A few reviews –
Very classy and sturdy! (B.W.)
Wow this is an amazing master piece! (J.R.)
Unique design and solid construction. I would expect nothing less from you! Cheers brother (C.L)
Chris, it looks so high-end, beautiful work! (C.W.)

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