Get into a summer state of mind with new designs

This month, our Journey to Elsewhere campaign is inspired by sun-baked surfaces and the aroma of fresh spices. Packed with rich colours. Ready to get you into a summer state of mind.

Lucy, our Senior Designer, couldn’t wait to discuss the new colours and designs to watch out for.


Where would you describe our Journey to Elsewhere as being right now?

“The design team had India in the forefront of our minds. We usually have frequent trips to visit our incredible craftsmen and women and we have missed it terribly this past year. Zoom just isn’t the same. India is such a colourful, artistic, beautiful country, we can’t wait to get back there and see our Indian Radley friends and colleagues once again.”

What is it about India that inspired you?

“As a team we were thinking of escapism, we imagined tropical voyages taken by train, sea and air.

“We wanted the collection to have a nostalgic but glamorous feel with inspiration taken from train tickets, retro luggage trunks and palm trees.”

How would you describe the May colour palette?

“We’ve introduced two new key colours that are extremely bold and striking.

“Red Pepper is a spicy red tone, it’s bold, fun and a great statement. I equally love Nemo, an orange shade that complements the Red Pepper perfectly. It’s a little more subtle and soft.

“Spring is always a fun season to design for because you can introduce the hot fun tropical colours that are so refreshing after a long British winter.”

And what influenced your choice of colours?

“We study the colour trends and the catwalks for emerging tones that our customers will love and edit them down to the perfect selection. We loved the colours of May so much we introduced this fantastic ombre stripe on Chrisp Street and Pockets that shows an array of bold spring colours reminiscent of the tropical sun set.”

Tell us about the new styles we need to look out for

“I absolutely love the new trunk picture bag. They are fun and retro and have the most fabulous scenes on them of Radley on his adventures. So cute and tropical and fun.”

Tell us about the May picture bag – what inspired this scene?

“The May All Aboard scene is so fabulous. For one, it’s introducing the new fantastic trunk shape. It’s a bit smaller than our usual picture bag, which means it will be the perfect crossbody for being out and about now we can leave the house.

“All Aboard is like something out of a classic movie, Radley and his friend boarding the Seaside Express to head off on an adventure. Radley doesn’t travel light, as you can see from his gorgeous set of retro luggage. I love the warm ombre sky and the palms in the background, you can almost feel the sun shining on you when looking at it.”

What style are you most excited to wear out and about this month?

“First stop for me will be the pub to see some friends. It may be chilly in the pub garden so I will be wrapped up warm but would love the Summerstown in Nemo to brighten up my outfit.”

What do you think is important in an accessory for the spring and summer months?

“I really love the Let’s Travel zip around pouch , the graphic of Radley with his luggage is a wonderful spin off from the picture bag. These zip-top pouches will be a real key item for keeping our bags organised. We can keep our hand sanitiser and face masks easily to hand for our new way of living safely, with a Radley London twist of happiness.”

Thanks Lucy. We love working with such a creative team. Keep an eye on the New In section throughout the month for these arrivals.

Don’t see the colours you love? Browse our April collection for a mixture of creamy neutrals and citrus brights.

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