Getting Transparent for Earth Day 2021

We want to make the world’s most beautiful handbags and accessories. And we want to do this in a way that makes you – and ourselves – proud. This Earth Day we’re pausing to take stock of how far we’ve come. How we can create a better world right now. And everything we want to do to protect the planet for the future.

Let’s start with a big one. We’ve reduced carbon emissions by 50% since 2018. It’s now less than a quarter of the global average for a company of our size. And we intend to maintain this level while growing in 2021. Buckle in, we’re just getting started.

Packaging is something we’re constantly striving to improve. Currently ours is made of 65% recycled material, but the team isn’t finished yet.

We’re proud to work with people committed to doing things differently every step of the way. We want our supply chain to be as transparent as possible. Which is why all of our Partner Suppliers are subject to a comprehensive yearly audit. This involves making sure they meet our (high) bar for environmental as well as ethical and social standards.

A huge part of doing things the right way is ensuring that the leather we work with comes from the best sources. You could say we’re a little obsessed. We only source from Leather Working Group (LWG) accredited tanneries. This ensures that water treatment and chemical usage involved in manufacturing is ‘Best in Class’ and does not cause damage to the environment, be that directly or indirectly.

Have you discovered our sustainable range yet? We created a non-leather alternative with our signature Radley London style.

It all starts with recycled nylon made from plastic bottles. It’s an impressive process. Plastics are cleaned, ground into pellets, and material is heat extruded to create recycled filament to then be woven into new material (on a side note, if this has reminded you to pick up a reusable water bottle, we’ve got you covered). Alongside the recycled nylon we use water-based PU. This produces 60% less emissions than oil-based PU and is far cleaner for the environment.

It doesn’t stop there. Our Design team are committed to reducing our carbon footprint with every style they dream up. They use overstock material wherever possible to avoid generating new material. Senior Designer, Sally, is passionate about this way of working:

We know we’re not perfect. No company is. But we’ll continue to work hard at making changes everywhere we can. Across the business and supply chain we’re working hard to make a real, lasting difference. To create a legacy of reduced impact and positive improvement to our planet. These are our promises to you…

We will continue to adhere to best environmental practices at all stages of our supply chain. Whether that means calculating the least environmentally damaging route for moving stock. Or providing action plans to suppliers who need enhanced facilities to meet standards.

From sustainable packaging to using overstock materials instead of brand new. Our teams are always striving to do better.

Every piece is made to last and when looked after properly, only gets better with age. We want our designs to be worn and enjoyed for years to come.

We’ll keep you up to date every step of the way. Make sure you’re following us on Instagram and Facebook for every step we take in our environmental and sustainability journey.

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