Hand Tooled Leather Wallet – My Top Leather Tips – A Full Step By Step Video

This is a leather video of epic proportions. The goal was to show how to complete a roper wallet kit from Springfield Leather. I left in every step complete with tips! I go through cutting the leather, adding your floral design, cutting, tooling, dying, antiquing, gluing in the interior, sewing, sanding, edging, and burnishing! This is not only helpful for creating leather wallets but also utilizes skills needed for belts, holsters and more.
Springfield Roper Wallet Kit –
Springfield Swivel Knife I Use –
How to Hand Stich –
Billy Hell Site –

Video Sections
Draw your design on the leather
How to cut your leather
Tooling the leather (swivel knife cuts and tooling)
Dying your leather
Fitting your wallet interiors
Sewing the pieces in
Edging the piece