Handmade Top-grain leather wallets by Hammer and claw

Handmade leather wallet by Hammer and claw.

Here are a few things that make our leather wallets very long-lasting and pricier than mass-produced and machine-stitched, ‘Genuine leather’ wallets.

1. Top-grain leather
At Hammer & Claw, we only use Full-grain and Top-grain leather. This particular wallet is made of top-grain leather. Top-grain leather is one of the most durable types of leather in the world. Top-grain leather has natural wrinkles and slight imperfections. These ‘imperfections’ are a sign that it is a very long-lasting type of leather. The imperfections & wrinkles give the leather a particular character that makes each wallet unique. People around the globe, love this feature of leather.

(A Side note: Genuine leather is the name of a leather type. This type of leather is the weakest and lowest-quality type of leather. That’s why we avoid that.)

2. Hand-stitched
Machines cannot stitch leather the way human hands can. Our wallets are hand-stitched using 12-ply, 1mm thick thread. The stitching used on this particular wallet is called a saddle stitch. Saddle stitch is the most durable stitching type known to man. Not only does saddle stitching makes Hammer and Claw wallets very durable, but it is also very pleasing to look at.

Although hand-stitching has it’s benefits, it’s also very expensive for obvious reasons. Artisans charge more than machines and very hard to find. Hand-stitching is actually a luxury in today’s times.

3. Burnished edges
Most machine-stitched leather wallets use folded edges. Folded edges wear out within a few months, making the wallet completely useless.

We at Hammer & Claw burnish the edges of our wallets. That means we slice the edges of the leather and polish them with natural waxes and high-speed burnishers. The result is a beautifully finished edge that will look the same even in 10 years.

Our fine leather comes from highly ethically slaughtered cows in Pakistan.

4. No weak lining
Our wallet is made of just durable leather and thick thread. There is no fabric lining or material used. This means the wallet contains no weak material is highly likely to last a very long time.

5. One year warranty
We stand behind all our claims. We offer a warranty for 1 full year against any faults in the material and craftsmanship. Please read the warranty page for more info in this regard.