International Dog Day With Dogs Trust

To celebrate this year’s International Dog Day, we visited our charity partner Dogs Trust at their rehoming centre in Basildon. We met some of the dogs waiting to find their forever homes. And found out what a day in the life of a Dogs Trust dog is like.

We’re proud to have been working with Dogs Trust for over five years. As a brand of dog lovers, it made sense to partner with a charity that was so close to our hearts. So far, we’ve created four bespoke dog-inspired collections. And raised over £127,000 for the charity. But we’re still on a mission. To support Dogs Trust by helping them provide the care that every dog deserves.


Today’s a special day for our four-legged friends. It’s International Dog Day. A day dedicated to celebrating all dogs. Whether it’s family dogs. Working dogs. Or the dogs that are waiting to find their forever homes. In honour of the occasion, we wanted to talk about the ways you can help support Dogs Trust. (We’ve also added in a couple of puppy profiles and heart-warming rehoming stories for good measure.)

Dogs Trust might celebrate dogs every day (who doesn’t?), but they’re marking International Dog Day with the launch of a new fundraising challenge. It all centres around one important number. £40. This amount could fund the care of one dog, for one day, in one of their rehoming centres across the UK. So, they’re asking you to challenge yourselves to fund as many days of dog care as possible.

And, in line with our mission to support Dogs Trust, we’re also lending a helping hand (or should we say our paw). We’ve set up a JustGiving page in partnership with Dogs Trust. And we’re inviting fans of Radley London to give what they can. All money will be donated to the charity and put towards caring for the sweet canine characters at Dogs Trust rehoming centres across the UK. Those like Maximus. The charming trailhound we met on our visit to Dogs Trust Basildon. We were there finding out what a day in the life of a Dogs Trust dog is like. (And getting very distracted by all the friendly faces!)


Walks. Toys. A little snooze. And a lot of treats. For a dog, every day should be filled with fun and excitement. And for the dogs at Dogs Trust, it’s no different. The canine carers and staff at the rehoming centres work hard to make sure the dogs are happy and comfortable, while they wait for their forever homes. So, what exactly does a day look like for a dog at Dogs Trust?

We spoke to Megan, from the Training and Behaviour team at Dogs Trust Basildon, to find out all about the dogs’ daily routines.

“Our dogs go out three times a day with us and have a run around. A bit of playtime and an energy burn off in the morning. Then throughout the day we try to do a bit of training. Quite often we like to use things like scent work and enrichment as calming activities to relax them at the end of the day. Then they all know its bedtime when they’ve had their dinner.

“They also might have their adopters coming out and meeting them. And we have a hydrotherapy suite so some of our dogs can do that. Either just for fun or for medical reasons. With some dogs, cuddle time might be in an off-lead area. It’s why we have benches out because a lot of our dogs like to have a little sit down and cuddle outside.”

And for the dogs who just have just arrived at the rehoming centre, Megan explained that their routines are a little different.

“The first few days are very stressful for them. They’ve either come from other organisations and had a long journey or their lives have just completely changed. We’ll spend the first 3-7 days doing their assessment and they’ll need to go to the vets for a health check. With some dogs we can have them up for rehoming quite quickly. Some might even be in their forever home within 2 weeks.”

Only once a dog is ready will they be able to be rehomed. Here’s where it gets cute. Because how could we not feature some of the irresistible Dogs Trust dogs waiting to find forever homes?



International Dog Day is about celebrating all dogs. So, we had to share stories about some of the dogs who have already found their forever homes. And who doesn’t want to hear a couple of heart-warming tales?

When Amber first arrived at Dogs Trust Evesham, she was very timid, sensitive and worried. She spent her time in the calmer and quieter areas of the centre, making friends at her own pace and slowly coming out of her shell. Now she’s landed firmly on her paws in her forever home, where she loves running around in the secure garden and snoozing on the sofa.

Weighing the same as a baby elephant, Galahad is the biggest dog Dogs Trust Canterbury have ever cared for. This big, friendly giant is now happily settled into his new home with his forever family. Where he loves splashing around in the hosepipe, playing football and being introduced to lots of new things, like cyclists, tractors and cars.

We love rehoming stories just like these. And we know you do too. So, we have one more to share. A special tale from right here at Radley London. When Martyn (our Head of Technical, Supply and PD) met Jilly.

If you’ve just fallen in love with one of the dogs in this blog, head over to the Dogs Trust website to see if you could offer them a forever home and to meet more dogs waiting for theirs. And, in honour of International Dog Day, visit our JustGiving page, to donate what you can. You can also discover more from our partnership with Dogs Trust over on The Blog.

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