Leather Wallet | Easy DIY

It has been a while since my last leatherworking project, decided to make something easy to get back into it.
Ended up with a decent looking wallet that I’m already using and that I like a lot!

If you want to make one, here you can download a free template with the precise measure I made mine:

Made to print on a regular A4 size paper.

The leather I used is 2mm thick, making this with a thicker leather might be pretty hard.
I am no leatherworker so take this just as a quick project, I’m sure there are plenty better design.

Index of operation and materials:

All cutting done with a box cutter and steel ruler
I used the pattern on my cutting mat for measuring cuts
0:39 10mm hole punch
1:03 5mm hole punch
1:27 beveling tool
1:58 thinning down the inner side of the card holder
2:25 Sanding edges to smooth everything out
2:55 Folding the two piece of leather together to mark button location
3:24 Setting in the clip button
3:46 Fake chamois leather from a pair of boots
4:13 Dyeing the cuts with brown leather dye
4:52 Leather finish to seal edges
5:10 Burnishing with a pen (anything that fits will work)
5:46 Glueing cards pockets with contact adhesive
7:04 Glueing backing again with contact adhesive (same boots fake leather)
7:49 Glueing two parts of the wallet, care where you add glue
8:23 Sanding edges to make everything nice and square, but also slightly rounding edges.
9:06 Beveling sanded edges to break corners (also sanded off camera)
9:30 Cutting groove for the stitches
9:58 Punching stitches holes with forks
10:28 Leather finish on edges and burnishing
11:12 Sewing with waxed thread
12:17 Weathering outside by removing some color from the leather with alcohol
12:50 Branding iron I made a while back
12:00 Vintage looking numbers
Off camera I also applied more leather finish and cleaned well with rag.

For those asking where to find tools:
I bought mine some years ago when I was starting to make leather sheaths. I went for the cheapest I was able to find. Have been working great so far! Can’t find exactly the one I have but I listed some in my amazon storefront that are pretty much the same and any similar ones will work aswell.

It’s affiliate marketing so if you order something from here you’ll help the channel for free! Thank you!

Thanks a lot for watching, I hope you liked the video!
Suggestions and comments are welcome.
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