Making a 6 slot leather card holder / wallet – Makesupply template in description!

Template by MakeSupply :
Tools used all listed here:
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Find out how to make a 6 slot leather card holder / wallet out of 1,2mm thick vegtan leather.

Leathercraft starter kit:

Craft knife:
Strap cutter:
Metal ruler with handle:
Saddler’s needles:
Cutting mat:
Stitching chisel:
Wooden mallet:
Wood burnisher:
Edge beveler:
Thread pack:
Osborne skiving knife:

Gum trag:
Saphir renovateur:
Saddle soap:

I make leather products in my spare time, mostly bags, backpacks and small items like wallets and card-holders. I am still learning a ton every time I take on a new project and always appreciate feedback on my creations.a
For the moment I don’t take orders as I like to spend too many hours getting the finished product as good as I can : this means that if I were to sell these bags, the selling price would be way more than the bags are worth due to the hours of work involved.

As always, do let me know what you think of this creation and this video. If you have any tips or comments about the techniques used, please let me know by dropping a comment below this video 🙂