Making A Leather Coin Wallet Three Different Ways !!!


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Making A Leather Coin Wallet THREE Different Ways !!!

Making a leather coin wallet is a simple and easy project to learn leather craft or just use up smaller pieces of scrap. We decided to show three different ways to make a leather coin wallet by hand, as we think it’s important to show just how many different ways a strong handmade leather product can be made!

The first leather coin wallet we made was using a pattern we designed. This coin wallet is a bit more complicated as we had a pattern to follow – we cut the pattern by hand, cut the leather, then used a saddle stitch to put it all together and finished with a nice hand burnish.

The second leather coin wallet was made freehand, we just looked at what we had for scrap leather and and cut out shapes that worked well. Then we did a simple squeeze flap style coin wallet that was again saddle stitched by hand with waxed poly threads. This time we used our burnishing machine as the edges were nice and straight, and we polished up the edge to a nice sealed finish.

The last leather coin wallet is a good example of the type of production work you can achieve with some simple design and a few bigger tools. We used a cutting die to punch out the piece, and the leather coin case was designed to be held together with just the hardware – so once the snaps were installed we were done! This is a good method for adding low-cost, high quality small goods to your line if you are selling your leather projects, and it’s also a good method to produce many pieces fairly quickly if you’ve got lots of gifts to make (or make the same silhouette often!)

A big huge thanks to our sponsor Weaver Leather for supporting us in this video!