Popov Leather: Some of the BEST full grain leather EDC products in the game!

Popov Leather: The Traditional and EDC Pocket Armor.

I review Popov Leathers’ The Traditional bifold wallet and their EDC Pocket Armor. Both made from full-grain Horween leather and hand-stitched with Tiger Thread for long-lasting durability. Plus they’re both backed by a lifetime warranty!
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The Traditional:
We build this wallet to exceed your expectations. Forget about your department store wallets that fell apart after a couple years. Our Traditional wallet in Driftwood color will last decades and pass down generations. Unlike a big box store wallet, ours will look better the longer you have it.
Full-grain Horween leather means your wallet will develop character and patina. We hand-sew this wallet with thick Tiger Thread for decades of use. We also burnish and polish the wallet edges which adds refinement to the finished piece. The wallet features a convenient billfold for quick access to your cash. Our minimalist design allows you to carry all your essential cards and cash without the bulk. We take a lot of pride in our work and back each wallet with a lifetime guarantee.
Made from USA Horween Chromexcel® full grain leather – a durable leather that will develop a rich patina over time.
Lifetime guarantee means we stand behind every wallet we make.

EDC Pocket Armor:
Our Pocket Armor is designed to keep your pocket knife and pen together easily accessible. Knives will no longer scratch phone screens and pens will no longer slip out of your reach. Knives remain secure but are easily accessible from the pouch due to our stitching design.
The durable elastic webbing will hold all sizes of pens, this loop has been tested with Fisher Space Pens, Kaweco Liliput and Kaweco Sport pens.
The sheath has been designed to hold popular pocket knives such as the Victorinox Alox, Victorinox Spartan and CRKT Squid. Other knives of similar dimensions will work with this pouch too.
Made from USA Horween® Chromexcel full-grain leather.
Burnished and polished edges.
Your choice: hand-sewn with Tiger Thread or machine-sewn with polyester thread. Both choices backed by our lifetime guarantee.
Measures 4.25″ x 2.25″ (2.5″ including webbing)

If you want one! Popov Leather website link below!👇👇👇
The Traditional:✔

EDC Pocket Armor:✔

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