SECRID Twin wallet review | Indigo Blue Leather Minimalist Wallet.

Secrid Twin wallet review and unboxing.

Also seen in video the SECRID Slim Wallet Vintage brown

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The Secrid Twin Wallet is a soft leather wallet and aluminium card holder type design with automatic card eject.

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Could this be the best wallet from Secrid? I’ll show you how this mini wallet keeps your credit cards safe from digital theft and features a mechanism to access your credit cards quickly. All in a minimalist wallet that will appeal to those that enjoy more traditional leather materials and denim color fabric and leather. Secrid wallet’s are made in Holland. I teach you how to identify an authentic genuine Secrid wallet and answer some some of your common questions. Get Twinwallet here (affiliate link) Genuine Secrid Twinwallet. Indigo 5 blue Denim Color card wallet.

Secrid Twin wallet variant has the maximum card capacity and this is the largest variant of the Secrid wallet collection. It closes securely with push button.
The Secrid Twin wallet featured in the unboxing video is the Indigo 5 denim like blue. secrid twin wallet vs mini wallet? The Twinwallet stands out from the the rest of the Secrid range. Inspired by Denim it’s gone through a unique process of multiple dips of an indigo dye bath. each intensifying it’s colour. The material is full soft grain leather, naturally dyed, dipped 5 times for this brilliant depth of indigo blue. No two Secrid card wallets will look the same. The Secrid alimunium debit card protector centre is anodised for abrasion resistance. Secrid credit and debit card protector – In the aluminium card holder your cards are protected from digital theft or card skimming so that your data can’t be stolen in public places. A part exposed card can be offered up to a card reader momentarily to make your contactless payment in the fastest safest possible way. The outer pockets allow space for additional cards, business cards, receipts, or even a few coins. See the dedicated cash compartment that allows for multiple bills to be stored securely in this mini wallet.

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