SECRID Wallet Review | Secrid Slim Wallet Vintage Brown

Secrid wallet review and unboxing. Secrid Slim Wallet.
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In this video a detailed Secrid Slimwallet review and unboxing. A fun pop up wallet. The Secrid Slim wallet the best slim wallet you can buy? This RFID protected credit card wallet makes a great gift for him idea. Make sure your next new wallet is RFID Blocking. The Secrid Slim minimalist wallet is finished in vintage brown leather. In this Secrid wallet review, see how to easily eject credit cards, to sort through. The Secrid Slim Wallet holds four to six credit cards with RFID Protection, and up to six more in the leather wallet pockets, as well as cash bills in the dedicated cash compartment.

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The Secrid Slim wallet featured in video review is made from Aluminium card holder, and corrected grain leather in vintage brown. The Secrid Slim is a perfect gift idea, or RFID wallet replacement for your regular wallet. Secrid’s minimalist wallet allows you to carry credit cards, business cards, gift cards, tickets, receipts, and cash, without bulk. This RFID safe wallet protects you from rising credit card fraud, from hackers and digital pickpockets attempting to steal your private information and credit card details. The minimalistic Secrid Slim wallet weighs just 72 grams. It’s 68mm, x 16mm, x 102mm. A great gift idea, or perfect men’s fashion accessory. See the links above for more of the best men’s wallets featured on UHOOHEXTRA TECH.

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