SECRID Wallet vs Pularys – Best RFID Wallets Review!

In this video, the Pularys SOLO Wallet and Secrid Mini wallet.
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Review & test of both of both RFID slim wallets. I compare the Pularys SOLO Wallet with the Secrid Mini wallet. Which will be the best wallet? See below for reviews of the similar Secrid Slim wallet, and Secrid Twinwallet. Secrid wallets and Pularys wallets feature credit card eject mechanisms, and offer RFID technology, which protects against unauthorized scanning of cards-equipped with a contactless payment chip. But does it work? I’ll do a quick real-world test of the RFID blocking. Both the Secrid Miniwallet and Pularys SOLO Wallet can hold cash bills.

See the Pularys SOLO wallet’s soft, high-quality Italian leather. It’s a full grain leather made with vege-chrome tanning for strength for resistance to pulls and rips. Pularys have been producing leather products since the 1930s, continuing a family tradition. Pularys are a Polish factory of leather goods designing and factoring minimal wallets. Also featured in the video, my personal favorite Pularys wallet, the Pularys BONO RFID Wallet.

Secrid mini wallet review: See the Secrid Mini wallet Original Black. Finished with a naturally glossy corrected-grain leather. They’re made in Holland and Italy from European cowhide. The semi-aniline leather gives you a thin protective top coat, making it easy to maintain. Contrasting grey stitching gives fantastic aesthetic detailing on the Secrid Miniwallet. The Secrid Mini wallet collection offer a wide range of new wallet styles, and make a great gift for men or women. The Secrid Miniwallet has an empty weight is 72 grams. The Secrid Mini wallet measures 65mm wide, x102 height including the lever, and around 21mm thick.

Are they the best RFID wallets you can buy? Check out the RFID aluminum credit card compartments. The core part of the Secrid Mini wallet is its aluminium card holder. Based on the SECRID Cardprotector, the first version of this was a Red Dot Design international award-winner in 2010. Contactless payment cards placed in this center compartment are protected from unwanted RFID and NFC skimming, which prevents people stealing your cards’ data. The push-lever ejects credit cards in a fan-like fashion, allowing them to be selected easily. The manufacturers say that the mechanism can be operated 250,000 times without any problem. The aluminium center card holder on the Pularys SOLO wallet offers the same capacity, and protection against theft or unauthorized scanning. Just need a card holder? Pularys offer the ZEN RFID Credit card holder.

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