We all know it’s important to look after ourselves, both physically and mentally, right now more than ever. Some people may turn to exercise – not only is it a positive distraction, but it also releases endorphins, helping us to feel happier, reducing our stress levels and clearing our minds. But keeping healthy doesn’t just mean fitting in a morning workout or an evening yoga session. It’s also about taking care of our physical and mental wellbeing in a way that suits us.


From core to cardio, home workouts have become part of our daily routine and we’re always looking out for new classes to try. With Peloton, you can join live workouts or stream classes like hip-hop HIIT and beginners bootcamp (you don’t even need a bike!). Just call us the next Joe Wicks.

Or, if you’re more like wellbeing coach and yoga teacher, Rosie Underwood, you might prefer exercising outdoors.

“My biggest recommendation is to get outside for exercise come rain or shine. Our bodies love the elements and time in nature has been proven to reduce stress and anger and boost your confidence and self-esteem.”

Whatever your regime, you can keep track of the health benefits with one of our Radley London smartwatches. We especially love the round smartwatch styles as they look classic but have internal step and calorie counters so you can track your progress as it happens.

From picking your own soundtrack to working at your own pace, yoga at home has so many positives – not to mention how it reduces your stress levels and lowers your blood pressure.

“My ultimate favourite is Uttasana, the standing forward bend. Make sure your feet are hips distance, gently hinge at the hips (not from the waist) and just let yourself go. It promotes a calming effect on your central nervous system, which means the thinking mind stops producing thoughts as easily, encouraging introspection.”

“People hold a lot of stress in their backs from crunching their spines in a Z-like shape in chairs all day, so a Seated Spinal Twist really relieves that discomfort both physically and mentally. From an easy seated, cross legged position, create length through the spine on the inhale and on the exhale gaze over the left shoulder and twist the body over to the left. Then do the same on the other side.”

“Another favourite is Child’s Pose. From a kneeling position have the toes meet behind you, take the knees wide and melt the upper body to the ground, extending the arms in front of you.”

Missing your regular yoga class? Make sure you’re completely prepared when it’s time to return with the drawstring shoulder bag from our new, recycled nylon Johanna Konta Collection. This spacious athleisure style will take you straight from work to workout with enough room to store your gym kit and your laptop.


In a time where it’s so important to look out for our mental health and wellbeing, activities such as journaling have become a saving grace. From filling in our wellness journal to jotting things down in a notebook, journaling not only helps to organise your thoughts and offload worries, but it also evokes mindfulness, channels creativity and improves memory.

Rosie often takes to pen and paper when she has negative thoughts.

“The first thing I do is write a gratitude list. We’re living in a time that constantly reminds us that we’re always lacking in something, but we’ve got it all wrong. Real positivity and happiness comes from a deep appreciation of everything we already have.

“I’ve always made vision boards of my dreams, written down my goals and reflected on milestones, no matter how small. This really sets you on a positive frequency.”

We also want to add positivity to our accessory edit, which is why we have our eye on the new leather purses from our Dream Plan Do collection, which are detailed with illustrations and encouraging slogans.

Looking for a way to bring calmness to your mornings? Meditation has shown to reduce stress, anxiety and take away negative emotions. Whether you meditate regularly or you’re trying it for the first time, the Headspace app is great for both guided and unguided sessions. Meditation is something Rosie enjoys and finds it’s a great way to set her up for the day ahead.

“Mornings should be a time for energy being drawn in. I move upstairs to roll out my Yoga mat and light some candles to meditate. I use that time of self-enquiry to work out what my body is asking for. I then either work up a sweat with some sun salutations or tap into rest and digest with a more restorative sequence.”

If you’re anything like us, you’ll love lighting a scented candle and enjoying a good book, especially as a way to wind down after a long day. Rosie also suggests cutting out screen time for a better sleep.

“Exposure to light once it’s dark messes with our sleep-wake cycle. Blue light blocks the hormone melatonin that makes you sleepy, so switch Netflix for a good read and you’ll feel the difference almost instantly.”

For more inspiration from this month’s Woman of Spirit, read our interview with Johanna Konta and check out her top picks from her new athleisure collection, designed in collaboration with our in-house team.

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