Team Radley’s festive gifting picks

Once the last of the Halloween treats were eaten, there was only one thing on Team Radley’s minds. Christmas presents. We caught up with colleagues across the UK and US to find out what they’re gifting their loved ones from our fantastic new collection. Because there’s nothing like a recommendation to help you get your list ticked off early. They’re also sharing festive traditions and what they like to spend time doing with friends and family, everything that inspires our Home for Christmas campaign.

A: “Christmas means so much to me as we can spend time as a family, which is something I used to take for granted. The season is cosy with fires and hot chocolate. Everyone gets to snuggle up on the couch and watch a film. My three dogs get to wear Christmas jumpers. They’re always so excited on Christmas day, even though they have no idea what’s going on they love playing with the wrapping paper.”

A: “My favourite thing about Christmas is the fact that most people are always happy and feel in the spirit. When I’m at work every customer is there shopping for presents. I love the conversations I have with people about their traditions and how they celebrate Christmas. Everyone does it differently and has a different meaning behind how they celebrate.”

A: “In my family we always have KFC on Christmas Eve after we go to Blenheim Lights. One year it was the only restaurant that had no queue and my mum had done a huge food shop and over-ordered on cheese – as well as managing to order one single brussels sprout instead of a bag – but no dinner for that night!”

A: “My favorite item from the collection has to be the blanket in Chalk. It’s so hard to come across such a soft blanket. I’d give it to my mum for when she is in her wheelchair going around Blenheim Lights as she gets extremely cold. My mum does not like having to rely on a wheelchair so if she could be warmer, I would hope she would enjoy it more and be more comfortable.”

A: “To me, Home for Christmas is spending it at the beach with my loved ones enjoying that New Zealand sunshine.”

A: “Back home our Christmas dinner consists of a seafood platter, cold salads and chilled drinks! Obviously being over in the UK this year I am going to want things a bit warmer…”

A: “Last year it was just having presents. We had given them to my partner’s parents a couple of weeks before Christmas in anticipation of spending Christmas at their lovely home, however with the lockdown announcement for London it meant we couldn’t go up there anymore. Thankfully they had the Christmas presents couriered back down to us and they made it just in time which was so nice.”

A: “I think the Christmas Dogs print is so cute. I would gift the water bottle to my best friend in New Zealand so she can keep her drinks cool while she’s at the beach over Christmas, but still feel festive looking at the dogs in their cosy jumpers.”

A: “Home for Christmas actually hasn’t been at ‘home’ for about 10 years (with the exception of last year) for me, as my mum and I made it our tradition to volunteer with Crisis at Christmas. So that being said, I actually feel most Christmassy and ‘at home’ with other volunteers who have similar values to me and learning about the lives of the homeless people we’re supporting each year.”

A: “Every Strictly final we have a little ‘party’ with finger food and some fizz and that marks the beginning of Christmas for me.”

A: “I would gift the playing cards to my partner. Who every time we’re away (without fail), says ‘Ah! Wouldn’t it be good if we had some cards’.”

A: “My favorite thing about Christmas is spending time with my family and catching up with old friends I don’t see much throughout the year. I love helping my mom decorate the Christmas tree, it gets me in a festive mood!”

A: “The year after my grandma passed away, my aunt gave me a necklace with my grandma’s handwriting on it, it’s my most cherished gift.”

A: “My favorite pick from the gifting collection is the check market bag. It is so versatile and could be used for so many things. I’d give it to my mom, she’d love it for running errands and going to the grocery store.”

A: “It’s being somewhere you feel welcomed and loved. Being warm by the fire in your new Christmassy slippers and drinking hot chocolate and eating mince pies with your family.”

A: “I love it when the Christmas brass band plays outside the market hall in my home town. That’s when it properly starts to feel like Christmas to me.”

A: “When I was younger, my mum used to make a treasure hunt for me and my brother. We had to find different clues that were hidden around the house so we could work out where our main present was. I hope one day I can carry it on.”

A: “I think the poncho is so comfy and luxurious. I would give it to my mum, I think she’d love it. I also love the blanket. I think I’d keep that for myself!”

We don’t blame you, Charis. Those blankets are so curl-up-on-the-couch comfy they’re on everyone’s wish list. Thank you to all of our festive experts for taking part. We loved hearing about your traditions and memories.

There’s plenty more present inspiration over on our gifting page. Plus our amazing Woman of Spirit, Katie Piper, has also put together her gift edit to help inspire you.

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