Top 10 iPhone SE/iPhone 8 and iPhone X Wallet Cases – Which one SHOULD you get?

So what’s the best way to merge you wallet and iPhone together? Well, you get a wallet case. But which one?

UPDATE: I’ve grown quite fond of the wallet attachment for the Mous Limitless 2.0. The case by itself is tough AND the accessory is incredibly useful. Check out the full Limitless 2.0 review:

Over the last few years, I’ve used enough wallet cases to know that there are 3 kinds. A full on wallet replacement, a wallet cover and a on-the-go wallet. These aren’t official names for wallet cases, just categories that I’ve come up with to help me figure out the differences between wallet iPhone cases.

Here’s the TL:DW Quick Buy List:

Best Full on Wallet Replacement Case – Uolo 2-in-1:
Best Wallet Cover Case – Tech 21 Evo Check Wallet:
Best On-the-go Wallet Case – Silk Innovation Q-Card Case:

Here’s our top picks for the best cases under $15 bucks:

Top 10 iPhone X and iPhone 8 Wallet Cases

#10 Spigen Wallet S –

From my perspective, this is going to be the standard full wallet replacement case. It will hold at least 3 cards and cash though I’ve been able to stuff more into the case. Your only constraint is going to be the magnetic latch as it won’t keep the cover together if you put in too many cards.

#9 Silk Innovation Vault –

I’m a big fan of Silk Innovation products. They product decent products at decent prices. The Silk Innovation Basegrip is one of my favourite cases and it’s great for people on a budget.

#8 Olixar X-Tome Book Case –

The X-Tome is a fancier looking wallet cover case. It reminds me of the 12 South Book Book case. Despite it’s larger size, the X-Tome case can only hold two cards. The standout feature for me is the magnetic cover of the case.

#7 UAG Metropolis –

The UAG Metropolis is another wallet cover case and this is one of my personal favourites because of the texture. It’s hard to describe the case other than to use the word “soft” but don’t let that fool you, the UAG can take a hit as well.

#6 Silk Innovation Q Card Case –

The silk innovation Q Card case is the highest rated on-the-go wallet case on this list. It has a few more features than the Silk Innovation vault case. There is a leather back and the case also has a cutout to use one of the cards as a kickstand.

#5 Otterbox Strada –

The Otterbox Strada is quite bulky when it comes to iPhone cases. It’s actually closer to the size of the Otterbox Commuter so if size is an issue, you might want to go with case #3. However, with the extra bulk comes extra protection and your iPhone is definitely going to be protected from any sort of accidental drop.

#4 Moshi Overture –

The Moshi Overture is probably the first “true” full on wallet replacement case on this list. Why? Because it can hold almost everything I have in my existing wallet. At a minimum you can store 4 cards, receipts and cash. I’ve been able to double up on the cards, as well as use my RFID access card and cash with the Overture without any issue.

#3 Tech 21 Evo Check Wallet –

The Tech 21 Evo Check wallet is the highest rated iPhone wallet cover case on this list. Why? Because it’s the toughest and it addresses one of my biggest gripes about wallet cases which is the constant contact between my cards and my screen.

#2 Budu Modular Case

The BUDU case isn’t a wallet case out of the box. You’ll need to get the wallet attachment for this modular case but it is well worth it.

This is a great setup for people on the go as I can easily mount the BUDU case when I’m driving, remove it once I’ve reached my destination and slap my wallet case on. Such an efficient system!

#1 UOLO 2 in 1 Case –

The standout feature for the UOLO 2 in 1 case is the ability for me to easily remove my iPhone from the case. The capacity of the UOLO 2 in 1 is enormous and rivals alls the stuff you could put in the Moshi Overture.

The stand out feature for me is the removable case. It attaches magnetically to the back of the wallet portion and has the perfect amount of magnetic attraction to ensure your iPhone doesn’t fall out every time you open the wallet case up but isn’t so strong that you can’t remove it easily.

Is there a case that you think is great and should be on this list? Let us know!

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