Want to be ready for every summer adventure? You need our new collection

Like the feeling of sunshine on your shoulders. Or an al fresco lunch that turns into one-more-Aperol-Spritz later evening drinks. Summer is packed with the best moments. And our new collection has a style for all of them. Notice that dreamy quality to our colours and detailing? We asked our Director of Design – Zizi – to explain how she and her team developed the styles.

What were you and the team inspired by when designing the July collection?

“We were dreaming of the long, warm summer days at that time of the year when the light is hazy. Like the colours you see in ‘70s film and photography. We were heavily influenced by that nostalgia.”

Is there anything you were reading, watching or listening to at the time?

“Reading: Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid. At some point we all wish we were in a rock band in the ‘70s.

“Listening to: David Bowie’s The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars

“Watching: Picnic at Hanging Rock. The 1975 film directed by Peter Weir. It’s full of the dreamiest colours.

“You can see from this list that we really immersed ourselves in the ‘70s. We were still in quite a strict lockdown in London when designing this collection so it was wonderful escapism.”

What are your must-have colours from the collection?

“Our beautiful Teal colour is that ‘pop’ that turns any outfit into a summer look. I also love our classic Butterscotch as it’s so easy to wear. It’s great to have that effortless bag in the warmer months.”

Tell us about Corsica Remastered – why did you decide to bring it back now?

“It feels so appropriate for this time as a small, casual style for summer. I say casual, but Corsica Remastered is such a beautiful shape that it’s almost like a celebration of our freedom to go out and see loved ones again.

“The beautiful smooth leather, with a hint of natural grain, works amazingly well with this collection’s colours. The gold-tone hardware is the finishing touch that makes me so excited for everyone to see.”

And how about your favourite handbag or purse?

“If I imagine myself heading off for a picnic in Hyde Park. Or browsing the book stalls along the South Bank. I want to have a spacious bag with me, like the Maple Cross tote in our new Radley Paisley print. It’s part of our sustainable Radley Responsible collection, so it’s made with recycled plastic bottles. I love that. And I also love that our Radley Scottie is hiding among the print.”

Tell us about the creation of the Postcards family

“The vintage stamps on this were hand drawn by one of our Senior Designers, Sally. I’ll let her tell you all about it.”

Sally: “I had been thinking about travel non-stop for the summer collection. Some people think sending postcards is old-fashioned, but I still do it. And I keep every single one I receive. It’s a beautiful snapshot of a moment in time. I sketched these stamps with a vintage theme in mind. Possibly my favourite thing about this bag is the slip pocket on the back that’s been uniquely crafted to look just like an envelope.”

What was the inspiration behind the applique detail on Manor Grove?

“This definitely came from our journey into 1970s nostalgia. All of those gorgeous summer dresses you would have seen the most stylish girls wearing while strolling through Portobello Market. We’re lucky that we work with true artisans in India who can bring these details we dream up to life on bags like Manor Grove.”

We love the purses in this collection – especially the embossed This is How We Roll and tropical print Pockets. How do you approach designing a purse versus designing a handbag?

“We LOVE to add details to our purses. We plan on a smaller ‘canvas’ to scale our designs and the intricacies and details are very important here. We have so much fun coming up with ideas we hope will bring a smile to people’s faces.

“On a practical note, we always optimise our leather usage so that we waste as little as possible to make our gorgeous collections.”

Can you tell us about your favourite craft techniques in the collection?

“I love the patchwork designs where the craftsmanship of our artisan makers is highlighted. We really focus on the details for our collections, and we know our customers love these styles.”

And finally, how will you be spending your long summer evenings?

“Reading and listening to music in the garden with family and friends. Hopefully with good weather for lots of BBQs and evening walks. There will definitely be a few celebrations throughout the month too to catch up with friends I haven’t been able to see in a long time.”

Thanks Zizi. We’ll bring the rosé for the next BBQ.

Keep an eye on our New In page, these bags will be arriving throughout the month. Have you seen our June collection yet? There’s plenty more summer handbags, purses and accessories to impress.

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